Q&A with Michael

1.     What prompted you to write this book?

We all have a purpose, and mine - for many years - has been "to positively impact the financial lives of as many people as possible".  If my book's principles help to update thinking and policy designs, then with this book I will have made my greatest stride towards meeting my purpose.

2.     Who are you teaching to fish?

Everyone. When individuals - who are able - take responsibility for their own financial well-being and their governments govern productively, everyone can benefit.

3.     Do you think governments can implement any of your ideas?

I do think governments can implement policies and have the skill to do so based on my principles. However, any implementation will require the requisite will to maintain the fortitude and stamina to bring forth change.  



For all of us, economic health and economic growth are heavily influenced by social policies on entitlements, government spending, taxation, and personal incentives—in particular, how we are motivated and what we are required to share with others. Have we taught too few individuals how to fish for themselves and handed out too many fish? 

Michael’s passion for finance started in 1990. While living with his parents after college, he watched how his father and how his parent’s relationship changed when his father’s employer went bankrupt. At the age of 59, his father needed to find work because he wasn’t yet ready for retirement. Michael internalized this experience, aspects of the wrongness of retirement, and found his calling to help others improve their financial lives.